The Philosophy of this Brand

A hilarious Google Search in which the creator of this brand finds their inspiration.
The inception of this brand.

I got dumb.  Really dumb. And what would any dumb person do to get smarter?

I googled.

There are many ways to get smarter, but the general consensus is to read and write. In actuality, regardless of whether I write smartly or dumbly, the idea would be to spit out... well... ideas.

Lumping myself with the generation that feasts off instant gratification, lack of critical thinking and the smooth-brained shunning of outlandish opinions, it's easy to fall prey to "analysis paralysis". The crippling and debilitating anxiety of not writing the right thing, or thinking the right thoughts has limited and drained my oh-so-precious resource that money can not buy back:


"It's not about timing the market, but about time in the market."


As many avid investors [1] know, time in the market is more important than trying to time the market. Getting into the game early usually generates the best returns in the long-term. And my goodness have I wasted a decent chunk of it trying to find that perfect moment to find the perfect thing to say.

So stuff it. Time is short. I am lazy. Let's take the path of least resistance. Instead of trying to present a turd as a polished work of art, let's present it for what it is. A turd, written by a turd, for turds.

And that is the philosophy of this brand. Writing down ideas come first. Apologies and addendums should closely follow suit second. So please follow along my journey - a voyage to get that little bit smarter.

The Inspiration of this Brand

The best way to retain and learn material is through teaching of others. Reading, highlighting and/or reciting does not quite cut the mustard in terms of retention of ideas [citation needed] . The ability to be able to explain an idea or concept in a re-worded or simplified manner (think explaining to a 5-year old) shows one's grasp on a certain idea or topic. Whether or not the idea captured the author's original intent is another question in itself. However, one could argue that an attempt to understand a certain idea is better than not taking a stab in the first place. This is how I will enforce the philosophy of my brand.

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